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WWE Superstar makes BIG claim about Jade Cargill after training with her

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In a recent development that’s stirring up the wrestling community, WWE Superstar Natalya has expressed high expectations for Jade Cargill and her future in WWE.

This comes after the two had an opportunity to train together at the Hart Family Dungeon 2.0 facility.

Natalya’s Insight on Jade Cargill and her Potential

Natalya, a seasoned wrestler with nearly two decades in WWE, shared her thoughts during an interview with Mojo Rawley for TMZ Sports.

She spoke highly of Cargill, noting her enthusiasm and dedication to wrestling. Natalya’s experience in nurturing new talent is well-documented, with notable examples like her early rivalry with Charlotte Flair in 2014, which she counts among her proudest moments.

Cargill, who signed with WWE in September 2023 after a stint with AEW, trained alongside Natalya and TJ Wilson, as well as other WWE and AEW talents. Natalya’s comments suggest a strong belief in Cargill’s ability to excel in the WWE arena:

“I believe in Jade, I think she’s going to be awesome. The way the women are being used right now [in WWE], and the track we’re about to be on for 2024, starting with the Royal Rumble, we’re going to see a whole new era of women’s wrestling that is going to blow everybody away.”

A New Era in Women’s Wrestling

Natalya’s remarks come at a time when women’s wrestling is gaining unprecedented momentum. She anticipates 2024 to be a groundbreaking year, starting with the Royal Rumble and leading into a new era that promises to captivate audiences.

Her confidence in Cargill’s role in this evolution is a testament to the latter’s potential impact in the wrestling world.

Jade Cargill: Journey and Challenges

Cargill’s journey to WWE has not been without its challenges. She recently faced personal adversity with the passing of her mother, a situation Natalya acknowledged during the interview.

This personal struggle, coupled with her transition from AEW to WWE, highlights Cargill’s resilience and commitment to her wrestling career.


  • Who is Jade Cargill?
    • Jade Cargill is a professional wrestler who recently signed with WWE, having previously been with AEW.
  • What did Natalya say about Jade Cargill?
    • Natalya praised Cargill’s enthusiasm and potential in WWE, believing she will be an excellent addition to the roster.
  • Where did Natalya and Jade Cargill train together?
    • They trained at the Hart Family Dungeon 2.0 facility.
  • What does Natalya’s endorsement mean for Cargill?
    • Natalya’s endorsement, given her experience and status in WWE, is a significant vote of confidence in Cargill’s abilities and future in wrestling.
  • What is the significance of this for women’s wrestling?
    • Natalya’s comments indicate a bright future for women’s wrestling, with talents like Cargill leading the charge into a new era.
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