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HUGE update on Jade Cargill and potential WWE creative plans

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest developments surrounding Jade Cargill. The talented wrestler, who has made a significant mark in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), is now seemingly on the brink of a significant transition.

It appears that Jade Cargill’s time with AEW has come to an end. Her contract with the company has reportedly expired, and she’s gearing up for a visit to the WWE Performance Center.

While there’s no concrete confirmation that she has officially signed with WWE, all indications suggest that she’s heading in that direction.

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WWE’s Creative Plans for Cargill

The wrestling community is rife with speculation about WWE’s intentions for Cargill. A primary concern is whether she would begin her journey in NXT or bypass it to join the main roster directly.

Given Cargill’s level of experience, many believe that NXT would be the logical starting point. However, her undeniable star quality and unique appeal might prompt WWE to fast-track her to the main roster.

Dave Meltzer shared some insights on Wrestling Observer Radio. He mentioned that WWE has already initiated creative discussions for Cargill. The emphasis on her indicates that this isn’t a minor development for the company.

Meltzer suggests that Cargill is likely to receive a significant push, given the investment WWE seems willing to make in her, much as we reported a day prior. The financial terms of her potential contract, while not on par with top stars like Charlotte Flair or Becky Lynch, are believed to be higher than what newcomers typically receive.

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Main Roster or NXT?

The debate continues about whether Cargill will start in NXT or be introduced directly to the main roster. Meltzer’s impression is that the creative plans being discussed for her lean more towards the main roster.

The financial implications of her potential contract might be a determining factor.

While a brief stint in NXT could be beneficial, the main roster seems to be where WWE envisions her future.

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A Promising Future

Jade Cargill’s potential move to WWE is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated developments in the wrestling world.

Her unique blend of talent, charisma, and star power makes her a valuable asset for any wrestling promotion. If the rumours are true, WWE fans can look forward to some exciting times ahead.

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