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Jade Cargill: MASSIVE rumour about WWE character DEBUNKED

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The wrestling world has been abuzz with speculation and rumours, especially after the departure of former AEW TBS Champion, Jade Cargill, from AEW. Following her last match against Kris Statlander on AEW Rampage, the rumour mill went into overdrive with fans and experts alike speculating about her next move. Many believed that WWE was her next destination, and this was further fuelled by reports of her presence at the WWE Performance Center.

Jade’s contract with AEW expired on September 15th, and shortly after, she was removed from the AEW roster page.

This led to heightened speculations about her potential move to WWE, especially when PWInsider reported her presence in Orlando, which is home to the WWE Performance Center.

Fans were eager to know if Jade would retain her name or if WWE had other plans for her.

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The WWE Trademark Mystery: Jaida Parker

Amidst all the speculation, WWE’s move to file a trademark for the name ‘Jaida Parker’ added more fuel to the fire.

Many fans and insiders believed that this was the new ring name designated for Jade Cargill upon her much-anticipated WWE debut.

However, as it turns out, the wrestling community was in for a surprise.

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The Real Story Behind ‘Jaida Parker’ and Jade Cargill

Contrary to popular belief, the trademarked name ‘Jaida Parker’ is not for Jade Cargill. Instead, it’s for NXT prospect Tiana Caffey.

Tiana recently updated her social media handles to reflect this name, debunking the widespread rumour. It’s essential to note that there was no concrete evidence linking the name ‘Jaida Parker’ to Jade Cargill, apart from fan-generated rumours on platforms like Twitter.

Tiana Caffey isn’t new to the wrestling scene. She made her in-ring debut at an NXT live event in March. The recent name change suggests that she might soon be gracing our television screens.

In fact, she wrestled under the ‘Jaida Parker’ moniker at the September 22nd NXT live event, where she faced Kelani Jordan.

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