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WWE Superstar says he feels “alive” following his RELEASE from the company

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James Drake, a prominent figure in the wrestling world, recently expressed his exhilaration and anticipation for the future after deciding to part ways with WWE.

This decision comes after a significant tenure with the company, during which he achieved notable success.

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Former WWE Superstars: A New Chapter Awaits

Drake’s departure from WWE isn’t a solitary event. He and his tag team partner, Zack Gibson, known to fans as Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler, are both on the brink of leaving the company.

Interestingly, their initial requests for release from NXT, a branch of WWE, were declined earlier in the year. However, the duo is now set to embark on a new journey, with Drake hinting at a fresh chapter commencing today, October 14th.

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Expressing Gratitude and Anticipation

Taking to Twitter, Drake conveyed his mixed emotions about the impending departure. He expressed immense gratitude to those who supported him and Gibson throughout their seven-year journey with WWE.

At the same time, he revealed feeling a blend of excitement and apprehension about what the future holds. Emphasising his renewed zest for life, Drake stated, “I haven’t felt this alive in such a long time. Life is for living, don’t forget that.”

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A Look Back at Their WWE Journey

Both Drake and Gibson have left an indelible mark on WWE. Before their stint with WWE NXT, they were integral parts of WWE NXT UK.

Their prowess and synergy as a tag team were evident when they became the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

Their journey, filled with ups and downs, has undoubtedly been a roller-coaster ride, but it’s evident that they’re ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities.

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  • Who is James Drake?
    • James Drake is a professional wrestler who, along with Zack Gibson, has been a significant part of WWE, especially in the NXT and NXT UK divisions.
  • Why are James Drake and Zack Gibson leaving the company?
    • While the exact reasons remain undisclosed, they had previously requested to be released from NXT, which was initially declined.
  • What did James Drake say about his departure?
    • Drake expressed feeling more alive than he has in a long time and is both excited and nervous about the future. He also emphasised the importance of living life to the fullest.
  • What were some of their achievements in WWE?
    • Among their notable achievements, Drake and Gibson were the first NXT UK Tag Team Champions.
  • When is James Drake’s official departure date from WWE?
    • James Drake hinted at starting a new chapter on October 14, suggesting that might be the date of their official departure.
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