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Former WWE name thinks idea of Women’s WarGames is ‘stupid and rotten’

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WWE has announced that Survivor Series this year will feature not one but two WarGames matches, one for the male and female rosters each. There is a lot of excitement over this change to the traditional format of the show. There is one former WWE name however, who is not a fan of this idea.

On his podcast (H/t ITRWrestling), Jim Cornette mentioned that Triple H has shot down the idea of bringing blood back to WWE programming. He implied that it doesn’t make much sense to have a WarGames match without blood, before ripping into the announcement of a Women’s WarGames:

“On the same show, they’re gonna have a women’s and men’s WarGames, a women’s WarGames is ridiculous.’

Jim Cornette on WarGames

Jim Cornette explained that the WarGames match is supposed to be the ultimate display of violence among the top guys. According to him, having a women’s WarGames is ‘stupid and rotten’:

‘The WarGames was the ultimate display of violence that could be perpetrated between 10 Guys in a double ring with a double cage to settle a f*cking issue between the biggest stars in all of wrestling. And then on a show they’re going to have 2 of them, and of course, the girls is going to go on first. So a girl’s WarGames with any girls, much less the girls they got, is f*cking phoney and silly and stupid and rotten.”

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Martin MacDonald