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WWE LEGEND believes it is a LONG SHOT that Edge joins AEW

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The wrestling world is abuzz with speculation about the future of WWE Hall of Famer, Edge. With a career spanning over 25 years in WWE, Edge has left an indelible mark on the industry.

However, recent events have sparked rumours about his potential move to AEW (All Elite Wrestling). But not everyone is convinced, especially WWE legend Jim Ross.

Edge’s journey in WWE has been nothing short of spectacular. Over the last quarter of a century, he has achieved numerous accolades and has been a pivotal figure in the company. His recent match on Smackdown back in August, which many believe might have been his last for WWE, has only added fuel to the fire about his next move.

Edge had previously mentioned that his WWE contract would conclude after his Smackdown match against Sheamus. This revelation led to increased speculation about his future, especially with no new deal signed with WWE.

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Speculations and Beliefs

Ringside News had claimed that there was an internal belief within WWE circles that Edge might be heading to AEW.

This speculation was primarily due to Edge not renewing his contract with WWE. The wrestling community has been rife with discussions about this potential move.

However, in a recent episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross, a stalwart of the wrestling industry, was asked about the possibility of Edge joining AEW.

Ross, affectionately known as ‘Good ol’ JR’, expressed his doubts. He stated, “I believe it’s a long shot Edge will debut in AEW.”

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Jim Ross’s Insights on Edge

Ross’s insights into the situation are particularly intriguing. He mentioned that during a recent gathering, none of the talents approached him with queries about the WWE Superstar.

Ross also reminisced about the time he signed Edge and Christian, highlighting their humble beginnings and their journey to WWE stardom. He fondly recalled how WWE, with his recommendation, even paid off Edge’s college debt.

Ross also hinted at a significant offer from WWE on the table for the Hall of Famer. While he doesn’t possess any inside information on the matter, he believes that Edge joining AEW would be a “long shot at very best”.

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The AEW Perspective

There’s a belief within AEW that Edge might be signing with Tony Khan, the president of AEW.

However, as with everything in professional wrestling, nothing is set in stone. The world of wrestling is full of surprises, and while many might be hoping for Edge to make a debut in AEW, it remains a topic of speculation.

The future of Edge in the wrestling world is uncertain. While many fans and insiders believe he might make a move to AEW, legends like Jim Ross think otherwise. Regardless of where Edge ends up, his legacy in WWE is undeniable, and his next steps will be keenly watched by fans and experts alike.

What do you think? Will Edge make his way to AEW, or will he remain loyal to WWE? Only time will tell.

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