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Jimmy Uso addresses DUI issues

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On July 6, 2021, renowned WWE superstar Jimmy Uso found himself in a precarious situation. He was arrested for a DUI misdemeanour, after allegedly failing the field sobriety tests and recording a 0.202 and 0.205 during the arrest.

The incident wasn’t his first brush with such a charge, as he had been previously booked on a DUI charge in July 2019, but the jury found him not guilty’‹.

Despite the controversy surrounding his arrest, Jimmy and his brother Jey, collectively known as The Usos, didn’t let it deter their wrestling career.

Weeks after the incident, they clinched another historic WWE Tag Team Title at the WWE Money in the Bank 2021 event.

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Jimmy Uso: Facing the Noise

In a candid interview with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Jimmy shared his perspective on the impact of the DUI on his career. He stated, “No, I wasn’t [worried about going to work after the DUI]. When we show up to work, we’re there. Everybody has their issues outside of work. Everybody is human and makes mistakes as they go through it. As long as you face the noise, that’s something we always did.”’‹

This ‘noise’, as Jimmy refers to it, is the criticism, judgment, and negativity that can often accompany public figures, particularly when they stumble.

Yet, he firmly believes in standing right in front of their ‘mess’ or ‘noise,’ pushing through it, learning from it, and keeping it moving.

Jey echoed this sentiment, adding, “[We] made them say, ‘Oh, this is why we keep them,’ every time we stepped out. Whatever happened, the next night we go out there and let them know, ‘No matter what happens, this is why we keep the Usos.’ As my brother said, we face the noise. Always stand together. It’s really hard because everyone has something to say. We walk these shoes. You can’t. It takes special people to do what we do.”

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Turning Down the Volume of Social Media

The Usos also addressed the amplified noise that stems from social media. They have learned to pay less attention to the incessant chatter that often happens on these platforms.

Navigating the pressures of fame in the digital age, they remain focused on their craft and their journey rather than getting caught up in online discussions’‹.

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