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WWE Superstar talks being OVERLOOKED for years

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In a recent candid interview on WWE’s The Bump, former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal expressed his feelings of being overlooked in the wrestling world.

Despite his previous achievements, including holding the prestigious WWE Championship, Mahal feels that both fans and the WWE itself have not given him the recognition he deserves.

WWE News: Mahal’s Frustration with Being Sidelined

Mahal voiced his frustration, particularly noting how other superstars like CM Punk, Seth Rollins, and Cody Rhodes are often in the limelight, overshadowing his accomplishments.

“I feel great, but at the same time I feel a little offended,” Mahal stated. He highlighted his role in nurturing the next generation, focusing on Indus Sher, yet feeling sidelined in the process.

The Struggle for Recognition

The struggle for recognition in WWE is not new, but Mahal’s case is particularly poignant.

He pointed out the lack of his presence in WWE promotional materials, including PLE posters and touring trucks, questioning when was the last time the ‘Modern Day Maharaja’ was featured prominently.

WWE News: Mahal’s Ambition to Reclaim the Spotlight

Despite these setbacks, Mahal remains determined to reclaim his spot in the spotlight.

He believes that winning the title from Seth Rollins will change the current narrative and bring him back to centre stage. His ambition is not just about personal glory but also about proving his worth and talent in the WWE universe.

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  • Who is Jinder Mahal?
    • Jinder Mahal is a professional wrestler and former WWE Champion.
  • What did Mahal discuss on WWE’s “The Bump”?
    • He discussed feeling overlooked by fans and the WWE, despite his past achievements.
  • What is Mahal’s goal?
    • His goal is to reclaim the WWE Championship and regain his prominence in the wrestling world.
  • Why does Mahal feel overlooked?
    • He feels overlooked due to the focus on other superstars and his absence from WWE promotional materials.
  • What does Mahal believe will change his current situation?
    • He believes that winning the title from Seth Rollins will help him take center stage once again.
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