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GCW star reveals that WWE has “always been the dream”

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In a recent interview, Joey Janela, a notable figure in the independent wrestling circuit and former AEW star, candidly expressed his long-standing aspiration to join World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

Speaking to MuscleManMalcolm, Janela shared his diverse ambitions in the wrestling world, highlighting WWE as his ultimate dream.

Despite his current age of 34 and an 18-year career in wrestling, Janela feels he is in good physical condition and remains open to the possibility of collaborating with WWE. His journey has seen him achieve numerous goals, including remarkable feats in deathmatch wrestling and a significant stint in AEW.

However, he acknowledges that a run in WWE and New Japan, particularly performing at the Tokyo Dome, are aspirations he still yearns to fulfil.

WWE News: Janela’s Growth and Maturity

Janela reflected on his growth over the years, both in terms of maturity and wrestling intelligence. He believes these attributes could play a crucial role in a potential partnership with WWE’s creative team.

Janela humorously noted the need to “delete his social media history” should he transition to WWE, but he remains confident in his creative abilities and the prospect of synergizing with the company’s creative direction.

WWE News: Independent Scene and Future Prospects

While Janela has a strong affinity for the independent wrestling scene, he is not closing the door on exploring opportunities with WWE.

He appreciates the experiences and support he received in AEW, especially during challenging times like his knee injury and the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, he emphasises that WWE has always been his dream, a sentiment rooted in his childhood when AEW was not yet in existence.

Janela’s openness to the future and willingness to embrace new challenges in the wrestling world make his career one to watch in the coming years.

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  • Who is Joey Janela? Joey Janela is a prominent figure in independent wrestling and a former star of All Elite Wrestling (AEW).
  • What is Joey Janela’s dream in wrestling? Janela dreams of joining WWE, a goal he has held since childhood.
  • Has Janela achieved success in other wrestling promotions? Yes, he has achieved significant success in death match wrestling and had a notable run in AEW.
  • What are Janela’s other wrestling goals? Besides WWE, Janela aims to work with New Japan and perform at the Tokyo Dome.
  • Is Janela considering leaving the independent wrestling scene? While he loves the independent scene, Janela is open to opportunities with WWE if they arise.
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