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John Cena admits he is a HYPOCRITE for making past comments

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In a candid admission, John Cena, the renowned face of WWE from 2006 to 2016, recently acknowledged his hypocrisy over past comments he made about fellow wrestler and Hollywood star, Dwayne ‘The Rock‘ Johnson. This revelation came during Cena’s appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive.

Cena, known for his forthright attitude, had previously criticised The Rock for transitioning from WWE to a career in Hollywood.

This criticism occurred during a period of intense rivalry between the two, notably between 2008 and 2009, when Cena remained an active competitor in the wrestling ring.

WWE News: Cena’s Realisation and Admission

However, Cena’s perspective shifted after he himself embarked on a Hollywood career. Reflecting on his past views, Cena admitted, “I spent years calling out The Rock, saying man, if you love the business, you should be back. What a f****** hypocrite I am. I love the business and I should be back all the time, but I’m not.”

This self-reflection highlights Cena’s recognition of the challenges and commitments involved in a Hollywood career, the very aspects he once criticised The Rock for embracing.

WWE News: The Cena-Rock Rivalry and Its Evolution

The rivalry between Cena and The Rock was not just a storyline for entertainment; it developed into genuine animosity.

Their feud reached its peak in 2012, creating a memorable chapter in WWE history. Despite this, Cena expressed gratitude for the feud, acknowledging that he wouldn’t be who he is without The Rock.

In a recent development, Cena hinted at a possible third rematch with The Rock, indicating that their past issues are now water under the bridge.

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  • What did John Cena admit on Logan Paul’s podcast?
    • Cena admitted to being a hypocrite for criticising The Rock’s move to Hollywood while he himself later did the same.
  • Why did Cena criticise The Rock in the past?
    • Cena criticised The Rock for leaving WWE for a Hollywood career, believing that The Rock should have remained loyal to wrestling.
  • Has Cena’s view on The Rock changed?
    • Yes, Cena now acknowledges his hypocrisy and expresses gratitude for their past rivalry.
  • Is there a possibility of a Cena-Rock rematch?
    • Cena has hinted at a potential third rematch with The Rock, though no official announcement has been made.
  • What was the nature of Cena and The Rock’s rivalry?
    • Initially a storyline, their rivalry developed into real animosity but has since been resolved.
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