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John Cena teases potential match with WWE ‘megastar?’

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John Cena, known for his cryptic presence on Instagram, recently set tongues wagging in the wrestling world.

The former world champion posted an image of WWE SmackDown Superstar, LA Knight. However, true to Cena’s style, the image came with no caption, leaving his 19.3 million followers to speculate the intent behind his decision to highlight the rising star’‹.

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LA Knight: A Rising Star in WWE

LA Knight has been making a significant impact on WWE programming, recently securing a place in the men’s Money In The Bank ladder match.

His exceptional performances are turning heads, attracting attention from industry stalwarts like AEW’s Mark Henry.

Henry believes Knight needs to advocate for himself more, fearing that WWE might not fully capitalise on the star power Knight has amassed with the WWE Universe’‹.

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Knight’s Thrilling Journey in WWE

Despite some concerns expressed by observers, Knight is thrilled with his current position in WWE. He feels he’s finally receiving the level of respect he deserves in the wrestling world’‹.

Knight’s success in WWE hasn’t come easily or quickly. His feelings about his journey to the top are a mix of relief, vindication, anger, and annoyance.

He signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2013, only to be cut a year later. This setback sent Knight on a long journey through Impact Wrestling, the NWA, and various independent promotions’‹.

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From Max Dupri to LA Knight: Knight’s WWE Persona

Knight returned to WWE in 2021, initially adopting the persona of “Max Dupri” on the main roster.

However, he soon returned to his NXT persona, LA Knight. His journey and the eventual affirmation of his talent by WWE have been a testament to his determination and resilience’‹.

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Is the John Cena Instagram Post a Hint of What’s to Come?

Cena’s Instagram post has left many fans and followers speculating. Is it a simple acknowledgement of Knight’s talent, or does it hint at a future collaboration or rivalry? As always, Cena keeps his intentions shrouded in mystery, leaving the WWE Universe eagerly waiting for what’s next.

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