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John Cena Peacemaker Season 2: BIG update for the show

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The world of superhero entertainment is buzzing with excitement as director James Gunn reveals significant updates about the much-anticipated second season of “Peacemaker,” starring WWE superstar John Cena.

This update, eagerly awaited by fans, sheds light on the future of the series and its place in the expanding DC Universe.

James Gunn’s Busy Slate and Peacemaker’s Place

James Gunn, known for his creative vision and ability to juggle multiple projects, is currently immersed in writing the next season of “Peacemaker.”

Despite his involvement in other high-profile projects like “Superman: Legacy” and overseeing the DC Universe’s Chapter 1 slate, Gunn’s commitment to “Peacemaker” remains unwavering.

His recent update has reassured fans that the series, led by Cena’s charismatic performance, is very much a priority.

John Cena: The Superman Shadow and Peacemaker’s Future

While “Superman: Legacy” has been hogging the limelight, especially with David Corenswet’s transformation into the iconic superhero, Gunn has not forgotten about “Peacemaker.”

As the excitement around Superman begins to settle, fans can expect more details about Cena’s return to the series.

This balance between new ventures and established shows highlights Gunn’s dedication to the DC Universe’s diverse storytelling.

Character Dynamics and Exclusions

In a recent interaction on Threads, Gunn addressed fan queries about potential character inclusions in the upcoming season.

Notably, he confirmed that Bat-Mite, the inter-dimensional imp, would not feature in the show. Gunn’s decision aligns with his vision for the series, focusing on Peacemaker’s complex relationship with other superheroes and his desire to be among the likes of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.

John Cena: The Road to Peacemaker Season 2

Before diving into the second season of “Peacemaker,” fans have other DC Universe projects to look forward to. Gunn’s journey with the DCU begins with “Creature Commandos,” and “Superman: Legacy” is also on the horizon.

Importantly, the HBO Max show “Waller” is set to serve as a lead-in to “Peacemaker” Season 2. Gunn hinted that characters from “Peacemaker” might appear in “Waller,” creating an exciting link between the two shows.


  • When will Peacemaker Season 2 be released? The release date for Season 2 has not been announced yet, but more information is expected soon.
  • Will John Cena continue to play the lead in Peacemaker Season 2? Yes, John Cena is set to return as the lead character in the second season.
  • Are there any new characters expected in Peacemaker Season 2? Specific details about new characters have not been revealed, but James Gunn has confirmed that Bat-Mite will not be included.
  • How does Peacemaker fit into the broader DC Universe? “Peacemaker” is part of the DC Universe and is linked to other projects like “Waller,” which will serve as a lead-in to its second season.
  • Will James Gunn be involved in the entire second season of Peacemaker? James Gunn is currently involved in writing the next season, indicating his continued significant role in the series.
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