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John Cena had WEIRD encounter with UFC Champion in a bathroom

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John Cena, the WWE legend, and Sean O’Malley, the flamboyant UFC Bantamweight Champion, recently found themselves in a scenario that could easily be the setup for a joke.

It was in Glendale, Arizona, where this unusual story unfolded. On September 22nd, as WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown was about to commence, Cena needed to make a quick detour to a local coffee shop.

Little did he know, he was about to have a run-in with “Sugar” Sean O’Malley, not in the octagon, but in a single-occupancy bathroom.

John Cena and Sean O’Malley A Moment of Confusion

The moment was as comical as it was unexpected. Both men reached for the door handle simultaneously, neither initially recognizing the other.

O’Malley later shared on MMA Hour, “I don’t think he knows who I am, and I couldn’t put it together right away.”

It was only after they had both taken care of their business and Cena re-entered O’Malley’s field of vision that the penny dropped.

O’Malley thought, “Why the heck does he look so familiar?” before realizing he was in the presence of John Cena.

A Tale to Remember for John Cena and O’Malley

The encounter serves as a humorous reminder that our world is small, and you never know who you might bump into – even in a coffee shop bathroom.

It’s a story that adds a touch of the extraordinary to the otherwise ordinary, a narrative that fans will no doubt enjoy speculating about.


  • Who met John Cena in a bathroom?
    • UFC Bantamweight Champion Sean O’Malley crossed paths with John Cena in a bathroom.
  • Where did John Cena and Sean O’Malley’s encounter occur?
    • The encounter took place in a local coffee shop in Glendale, Arizona.
  • Did John Cena and Sean O’Malley recognize each other immediately?
    • No, they did not recognize each other immediately. It was only after their initial encounter that O’Malley realized he had met Cena.
  • What could have happened if Cena and O’Malley had recognized each other?
    • While it’s purely speculative, fans can imagine scenarios such as Cena inviting O’Malley to join him in a WWE event or simply sharing a memorable conversation.
  • Why is the encounter between Cena and O’Malley significant?
    • It’s a rare and amusing incident that brought together two stars from different combat sports in a completely unexpected setting, highlighting the small-world phenomenon.
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