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John Cena undergoes SURGERY following recent WWE run

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In a recent turn of events that has surprised many fans and followers of professional wrestling, John Cena, one of WWE’s most iconic figures, has undergone surgery.

This medical intervention comes shortly after his latest stint in the WWE, raising questions and concerns among his vast fan base.

John Cena: Recent WWE Run and the Lead-Up to Surgery

John Cena’s return to WWE was a much-anticipated event, marked by his characteristic energy and the flair he brings to the ring.

However, this stint was short-lived, and it concluded with Cena facing defeat at the hands of Solo Sikoa, a rising star in the wrestling world.

This match, which many speculated might be among Cena’s last in the ring, was followed by an unexpected announcement: Cena needed surgery.

The Surgery: A Step Towards Recovery

Cena underwent his first surgery successfully and recently completed a second one. The specifics of his injuries, including their nature and how they were sustained, remain undisclosed.

However, Cena’s resilience is well-known, and his recovery is expected to be swift. He expressed gratitude towards his medical team, led by Dr. Jeff Dugas, for their expertise and care in a recent tweet:

“Thank you for the autograph, @JeffDugasMD! So very grateful to him and his whole team for two successful surgeries. A world-class facility that has me ready to seize the day‚Ķ with two repaired arms!”

Impact on Cena’s Career

This development raises questions about Cena’s future in WWE. Known for his remarkable comebacks, Cena’s ability to bounce back from injuries has been a hallmark of his career.

However, with the recent surgeries, fans are left wondering about the impact on his future performances and appearances in the ring.

Looking Ahead: John Cena Post-Surgery Journey

As Cena recovers from his surgeries, the wrestling community and his fans are eagerly awaiting updates on his condition and his plans. While his return to the ring is uncertain, Cena’s influence on WWE and professional wrestling remains indelible.


  • What surgeries did John Cena undergo?
    • Cena underwent two surgeries on his arms, the specifics of which have not been disclosed.
  • Why did John Cena need surgery?
    • The exact reasons for Cena’s surgeries are not public, but they follow his recent run in WWE.
  • Will John Cena return to WWE after his surgeries?
    • Cena’s return to WWE is uncertain at this point, and it will likely depend on his recovery and future commitments.
  • Is John Cena retiring from wrestling?
    • There has been no official announcement about Cena retiring from wrestling.
  • How long was Cena’s recent WWE run?
    • Cena’s latest stint in WWE was relatively short and concluded with a match against Solo Sikoa.
  • Who is Dr. Jeff Dugas?
    • Dr. Jeff Dugas is the surgeon who led Cena’s medical team for his surgeries.
  • What is Cena’s legacy in WWE?
    • Cena is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history, known for his charisma, skill, and dedication to the sport.
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