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MASSIVE WWE Superstar ‘unsure of availability’ for WrestleMania XL weekend

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In a recent development that has sent ripples through the WWE universe, John Cena, one of the industry’s most iconic figures, has expressed uncertainty about his participation in the upcoming WrestleMania 40 weekend.

This news comes as a significant point of speculation among fans and industry insiders alike.

WWE News: Cena’s Recent Absence and WrestleMania 40

Cena, who last appeared in the WWE ring during his memorable encounter with Solo Sikoa at WWE Crown Jewel, has since been absent from the wrestling scene.

His departure that night, marked by a respectful bow to the audience, left many questioning his future in the sport.

In a light-hearted comment during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Cena joked about his availability for WrestleMania 40, saying, “I don’t know if I’ll be free that weekend, but it is a weekend, and movies don’t typically shoot on the weekends.”

WWE News: Reflecting on a Storied Career

Despite his humorous tone, Cena’s words carry weight, especially considering his illustrious career and the impact he has had on WWE.

He acknowledged the rise of new talent in the industry, hinting at a possible passing of the torch. Cena’s approach to his wrestling career has always been one of honesty and reflection, especially when discussing the possibility of retirement and the future of WWE.

The Impact of Cena’s Uncertainty

Cena’s uncertainty about WrestleMania 40 adds an intriguing layer to the event. His presence, or lack thereof, could significantly influence the dynamics and excitement surrounding the weekend.

Fans and fellow wrestlers alike are keenly awaiting any news regarding his decision, as it will undoubtedly shape the narrative of WrestleMania 40.


  • Will John Cena be at WrestleMania 40? Cena’s participation in WrestleMania 40 is currently uncertain.
  • When was Cena’s last WWE appearance? Cena last appeared at WWE Crown Jewel, facing Solo Sikoa.
  • What did Cena say about his future in WWE? Cena has expressed uncertainty about his future, acknowledging the rise of new talent in the industry.
  • How has Cena’s potential absence affected WrestleMania 40? His uncertainty adds a layer of intrigue and speculation to the event.
  • Has Cena officially retired from WWE? Cena has not officially announced his retirement, but he has spoken about the possibility and the need to pass the torch to new talent.
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