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John Cena: WWE Hall of Famer reveals he “does not like” legend

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In a recent revelation that has stirred the wrestling community, Teddy Long candidly admitted, “I’ll just be straight up with you. I’m not a John Cena fan”’‹’‹.

This surprising statement about Cena, a 16-time World Champion, has sparked numerous discussions among fans and industry insiders alike.

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The Phenomenon of John Cena

To understand the significance of Long’s statement, we need to consider John Cena’s illustrious career. Born in 1977, Cena has become one of WWE’s most prominent figures.

His debut on SmackDown! in 2002 marked the beginning of a career that has seen him win 25 championships, including a record-tying 16 world titles. Cena’s influence extends beyond wrestling – he’s a successful actor and has been involved in numerous charity works’‹.

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Unpacking Teddy Long’s Perspective

Speaking on the Road Trip After Hours (via WrestlingNewsCo), Long stated: “I don’t know if Cena is serious about coming back to wrestling. I just don’t get none of it and I guess it’s really not my business anyway, so whatever happens, you know, it shouldn’t concern me anyway, but if that’s what happens, you know, we’ll just wait and see.”

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Impact on the Wrestling Community

Teddy Long’s comments have certainly raised eyebrows. John Cena is a celebrated figure, admired by many for his charisma, talent, and contributions to the sport.

As such, Long’s critical view of Cena has added a new dimension to discussions about Cena’s legacy.

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Looking Ahead

Despite his criticism, Teddy Long expressed his support for LA Knight, who he believes could benefit from working with Cena. Long’s views on Cena’s potential return to wrestling remain speculative, but they’re a reminder of the diverse opinions within the wrestling community. As Long himself concluded, “whatever happens, you know, we’ll just wait and see.”’‹

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