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Former WWE Superstar TEASES that they are heading BACK to America

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, surprises are the norm. And when it comes to former WWE superstars, the anticipation of a return always keeps fans on their toes. One such superstar, Kairi Sane, has recently dropped a significant hint that she might be making her way back to the United States.

After her departure from WWE, Kairi Sane embarked on what she termed her ‘last voyage’ tour of Japan. This tour saw her wrestle against various renowned names across multiple promotions.

Her final match in Japan was a notable one, where she teamed up with Mayu Iwatani and Nanae Takahashi. Together, they managed to defeat Hazuki, Koguma, and Saya Iida during STARDOM’s Kinshachi Miracle show on October 9th.

Kairi Sane WWE Return: The Big Tease

The wrestling community was abuzz when Kairi took to Twitter to share a rather cryptic photo.

The image depicted her onboard an aeroplane, clutching her passport. This seemingly innocuous post has led many to believe that her next voyage might be back to the WWE, and possibly, America.

Why the Return to WWE?

While the exact reasons for Kairi’s potential return to WWE remain under wraps, it’s worth noting that her former partner and close friend, IYO SKY, currently holds the Women’s Championship title on SmackDown.

IYO SKY recently defended this title against Charlotte Flair in a SmackDown episode. Could Kairi’s return be linked to her friend’s current reign? Only time will tell.


  • Who is Kairi Sane?
    • Kairi Sane is a former NXT Women’s Champion who had previously signed with WWE.
  • When did Kairi Sane last wrestle in Japan?
    • Kairi’s last match in Japan took place on October 9 during STARDOM’s Kinshachi Miracle show.
  • What hint did Kairi Sane give about her return?
    • Kairi shared a photo of herself on an aeroplane with a passport, leading many to speculate about her return to WWE and America.
  • Who is IYO SKY?
    • IYO SKY is Kairi Sane’s former partner and best friend, currently reigning as the WWE Women’s Champion.
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