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HUGE rumour regarding WWE Superstar’s return creative plans

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The wrestling world is abuzz with whispers and speculations, and the latest one to catch fire is about the imminent return of Kairi Sane to WWE. The rumour mills have been working overtime, and here’s what we’ve gathered so far.

Kairi Sane, a name that resonates with wrestling enthusiasts, is reportedly on the brink of making a grand re-entry into the company.

Recent reports from the likes of PWInsider and WrestleVotes suggest that she’s already listed on the internal WWE roster under the “miscellaneous” category, indicating that her return might be just around the corner.

Teaming Up with Asuka in WWE?

Hints are dropping left, right, and centre about the nature of Sane’s return. A cryptic message shared by a credible source on Reddit suggests, “She will join some friends very soon. No one is ready…”

This has led many to believe that Sane might be reuniting with Asuka, given that Asuka’s popular catchphrase is “No one is ready for Asuka”.

For those who might not recall, Sane and Asuka, during their previous stint in WWE, were the formidable Women’s Tag Team Champions, known as the Kabuki Warriors and managed by Paige/Saraya.

The Social Media Tease

Adding fuel to the fire, Sane recently took to Twitter, dropping hints that many fans interpreted as a teaser for her WWE return.

With the wrestling community’s eyes glued to every move and tweet, it’s safe to say that her return, whenever it happens, will be one of the most anticipated events of the year.

When Can We Expect the Return?

While the exact date remains shrouded in mystery, there are whispers that Sane might make her comeback as early as the Crown Jewel event.

However, as with all things WWE, expect the unexpected!


  • Who is Kairi Sane?
    • Kairi Sane is a professional wrestler who has previously been associated with WWE, winning titles like the NXT Women’s Championship and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.
  • Is Kairi Sane returning to WWE?
    • Yes, rumours strongly suggest that Kairi Sane is set to make a return to WWE soon.
  • Will Kairi Sane team up with Asuka on her return?
    • Speculations are rife that Sane might reunite with Asuka, but nothing is confirmed as of now.
  • When did Kairi Sane last wrestle for the company?
    • Kairi Sane’s last match with WWE was in July 2020.
  • Where did Kairi Sane wrestle recently?
    • Kairi Sane’s most recent match was for STARDOM in October.
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