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TOP Independent talent no longer likely to head to WWE

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In a surprising turn of events, the professional wrestling landscape is witnessing a significant shift in the dynamics of talent acquisition, particularly concerning WWE’s engagement with independent wrestling stars.

Kamille, a standout name in the independent circuit, notably with the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), has recently concluded her impressive tenure, including an 812-day reign as the NWA Women’s Champion.

This development comes amidst speculation and initial reports that Kamille was in discussions with WWE, a move that many fans and insiders alike anticipated could mark a significant transition in her career.

WWE News: Kamille’s Shift in Focus

However, contrary to expectations, Kamille’s discussions with WWE have ceased. Instead, she has entered into deep discussions with All Elite Wrestling (AEW) according to a new report from PWInsider.

Kamille’s acting aspirations, sparked by her portrayal of former NWA & AWA champion June Byers in an upcoming film about Mildred Burke, have led her to seek opportunities that offer flexibility between her wrestling career and potential roles in acting.

This pivot is indicative of a broader trend where talent is seeking more than just the traditional wrestling career path.

WWE News: The Broader Implications for WWE and Independent Talent

Kamille’s decision and the cessation of talks with WWE underscore a growing sentiment among independent wrestling talents.

The allure of WWE, while still significant, is no longer the sole ambition for many wrestlers. Factors such as creative freedom, the ability to pursue outside interests, and the appeal of competing in other promotions like AEW, which has been making considerable strides in attracting top talent, are increasingly coming into play.

This shift poses questions about WWE’s strategy in talent acquisition and its appeal to independent wrestlers who are now more empowered to negotiate their terms and seek opportunities that align with their broader career aspirations.

It also reflects the changing landscape of professional wrestling, where talent mobility is higher, and the options are more varied than ever before.


  • What was Kamille’s tenure like in NWA?
    • Kamille had an impressive run in NWA, highlighted by an 812-day reign as the NWA Women’s Champion.
  • Why did Kamille’s discussions with WWE end?
    • The discussions between Kamille and WWE ended as she pursued opportunities that offered her the flexibility to explore her interest in acting alongside her wrestling career.
  • What does Kamille’s move mean for WWE and independent talent?
    • Kamille’s decision reflects a broader trend where independent talent is seeking opportunities beyond WWE, valuing creative freedom and the ability to pursue outside interests.
  • How does this affect the professional wrestling landscape?
    • This shift indicates a more competitive environment for talent acquisition, with wrestlers having more options and leverage in choosing their career paths.
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Martin MacDonald