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WWE Superstar ENDORSED by Donald Trump

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In a recent event at the Iowa caucuses, former President Donald Trump publicly endorsed Glenn Jacobs, better known as Kane from his WWE career, in a speech that caught the attention of many.

Jacobs, who currently serves as the Republican mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, has been a vocal supporter of Trump.

Trump’s Praise for WWE Legend Kane

During his speech, Trump, despite some fumbling with words, expressed his admiration for Jacobs. He highlighted Jacobs’ impressive physical stature and his long-standing role in wrestling as Kane, a character well-known in the WWE universe.

Trump’s words, “He’s all man,” were a testament to his respect for Jacobs’ persona both in and out of the wrestling ring.

Jacobs’ Political Journey Beyond WWE

Glenn Jacobs, transitioning from his wrestling fame to a political role, has been the Mayor of Knox County since 2018. His political journey has been marked by a commitment to conservative values, aligning closely with those of Trump.

Jacobs’ endorsement from Trump is not just a nod to his wrestling fame but also a recognition of his political stance and potential influence.

The Significance of the Endorsement

Trump’s endorsement of Jacobs is significant in the political landscape, especially considering Jacobs’ popularity and influence as a former WWE superstar.

This move could be seen as an effort to rally support within the Republican base, leveraging the popularity of figures like Jacobs.


  • Who is Glenn Jacobs?
    • Glenn Jacobs, also known as Kane in WWE, is the Republican mayor of Knox County, Tennessee, and a former professional wrestler.
  • What did Donald Trump say about Jacobs?
    • Trump praised Jacobs for his physical stature and his career as Kane, saying, “He’s all man.”
  • Why is Trump’s endorsement significant?
    • The endorsement is significant as it merges the worlds of entertainment and politics, potentially rallying support within the Republican base.
  • Has Jacobs been involved in politics long?
    • Jacobs has been the Mayor of Knox County since 2018, marking his entry into the political arena after his wrestling career.
  • What does this endorsement mean for Jacobs’ political career?
    • Trump’s endorsement could boost Jacobs’ visibility and influence within the Republican Party and among conservative voters.
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