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WWE NXT Superstar RIPS into IMPERSONATOR account who claimed company RELEASED her

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, rumours and misinformation can spread like wildfire. Recently, WWE NXT superstar Karmen Petrovic found herself at the centre of such a controversy.

An impersonator account falsely claimed that the WWE had released her, leading to a whirlwind of reactions from fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

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WWE NXT Superstar Karmen Petrovic: A Victim of False Claims

The wrestling community was taken aback when an impersonator profile on Twitter announced that Karmen Petrovic was no longer associated with WWE.

This claim was especially alarming given the recent merger between WWE and UFC. Following the merger, there were widespread fears among fans about potential cuts from WWE. The company had already let go of over 100 staff members from their headquarters and released a significant number of talents.

However, Karmen Petrovic was quick to address the situation. She took to her official Twitter account to debunk the claims made by the impersonator.

In a candid response, she highlighted the inaccuracy of the impersonator’s statements and urged them to be more responsible with their claims. Her tweet read, “I don’t capitalise every word because I’m not a weirdo lol. Do better with fake news next time.”

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WWE’s Recent Releases and Karmen’s Stance

The wrestling giant has indeed been in the news for releasing several of its talents. Notable names like Mustafa Ali, Emma, Riddick Moss, Rock Boogs, Aliyah, Shelton Benjamin, and Elias have all been let go.

Amidst this backdrop, the false news about Karmen’s release added to the existing anxiety among fans.

However, Karmen’s swift response not only cleared the air about her association with WWE but also showcased her resilience and commitment to her craft.

It’s evident that she is here to stay, and her fans are elated that she remains a part of the WWE family.

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The Wrestling Community Reacts

The impersonation incident has sparked a wide range of reactions from the wrestling community. Many fans expressed their relief upon learning that Karmen is still with WWE.

The incident also serves as a reminder of the importance of verifying information before sharing or believing it, especially in an age where digital impersonation is becoming increasingly common.

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