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Kayla Braxton calls hater “WORTHLESS SCUM” in scathing post

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In a recent and bold move, WWE television personality Kayla Braxton took a stand against online harassment, responding fiercely to a derogatory comment made by a social media user.

This incident highlights the ongoing struggle public figures face with internet trolls and the impact of social media on their personal and professional lives.

Kayla Braxton, known for her dynamic presence on WWE television and active engagement on social media platforms, encountered a deeply offensive comment from a user identified as ‘Legit TCW’. The user’s comment, which was of a highly derogatory and personal nature, was not just a typical critique of her professional work but an attack on her very being.

Instead of letting this comment slide, Braxton chose to confront the issue head-on. She reposted the hater’s message on Twitter/X in a since-deleted message, not to give it a platform, but to highlight the severity of online harassment faced by public figures. Accompanying the repost, she urged her followers to use their ‘detective skills’ to identify the individual behind the comment, stating that anyone bold enough to post such remarks deserves to be treated as “worthless scum”.

Kayla Braxton: The Impact of Social Media on Public Figures

This incident sheds light on the darker side of social media, where public figures are often subjected to unwarranted and harsh criticism.

While social media has opened doors for fans to connect with their idols, it has also given rise to a culture where some feel entitled to express harmful opinions without considering the consequences.

Kayla Braxton’s response is a testament to her resilience and refusal to tolerate such behaviour.

Her approach, while direct, serves as a reminder that public figures are not immune to the effects of cyberbullying and have the right to defend themselves.

Moving Forward: A Call for Respectful Engagement

Kayla Braxton’s encounter with this online troll is not an isolated incident but part of a larger issue that needs addressing.

It calls for a collective effort to foster a more respectful and considerate online community, where differences in opinion do not escalate into personal attacks.


  • Who is Kayla Braxton? Kayla Braxton is a well-known personality on WWE television, recognized for her vibrant presence and active engagement with fans on social media.
  • What was the nature of the comment made by the hater? The comment made by ‘Legit TCW’ was highly offensive and personal, attacking Kayla Braxton in a derogatory manner.
  • How did Kayla Braxton respond to the comment? Braxton reposted the comment and encouraged her followers to identify the individual, labelling them as “worthless scum” for their actions.
  • What does this incident say about social media and public figures? This incident highlights the negative aspects of social media, where public figures are often subjected to harsh and unwarranted criticism, and underscores the need for respectful online conduct.
  • What has been the community’s reaction to this incident? The community has largely supported Braxton, condemning the offensive comment and praising her for standing up against online harassment.
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