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WWE name KICKED OFF dating app

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In an unexpected twist outside the wrestling ring, WWE’s own Kayla Braxton found herself in a peculiar situation that veers away from her usual on-screen appearances.

Braxton, known for her role as a backstage interviewer, recently ventured into the world of online dating, only to be met with disbelief and scepticism, culminating in her being expelled from the popular dating platform, Bumble.

WWE News: Kayla Braxton’s Online Dating Misadventure

Braxton, in her quest to balance her personal life with her professional commitments, took to the dating app Bumble, hoping to connect with potential matches.

Despite finding “some cool peeps,” her journey was cut short. The authenticity of her profile was called into question by several users, leading to reports that branded her account as “fake.”

This series of unfortunate events led to Bumble banning her account, leaving Braxton to question, “Cupid, what the hell?!”

WWE News: The Struggle for Authenticity

The incident sheds light on a broader issue faced by public figures attempting to navigate personal endeavours on digital platforms.

Braxton’s experience is a testament to the scepticism that often greets celebrities on dating apps, where the line between reality and impersonation blurs.

Despite her openness and vocal presence on social media, where she doesn’t shy away from addressing personal matters or clapping back at trolls, Braxton’s foray into online dating was thwarted by disbelief.


  • What happened to Kayla Braxton on Bumble?
    • Kayla Braxton was banned from Bumble after users reported her profile as “fake,” questioning its authenticity.
  • Why do celebrities face challenges on dating apps?
    • Celebrities often encounter scepticism on dating apps due to the difficulty in distinguishing genuine profiles from impersonations.
  • Could Kayla Braxton find love within the WWE?
    • While speculative, it’s possible, given the history of WWE personalities finding relationships within the industry.
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