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Kayla Braxton reveals the meaning behind her tattoos

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WWE backstage interviewer and personality Kayla Braxton recently revealed the meaning behind her tattoos to fans on social media.

Taking to Twitter, Braxton would note: “For those who asked:

“Collar bone: ‘shine,’ for my fav quote, ‘stars can’t shine without darkness.’ Forearm : date I moved into foster care and a 🍪. Spine: ‘Two faces’ cuz I’m a Gemini. Elbow : I’ve always had sleep paralysis. Tat represents me escaping the nightmares. 😉”

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Kayla Braxton Tattoos

Fans have been reacting huge to the tweet from the WWE personality, with many thanking her for her honesty when talking about her ink.

Many WWE Superstars and personnel have tattoos, and Braxton herself recently revealed that she would have even more if she could.

She tweeted: “I have 6 tattoos. But man I wish I could get a full sleeve. If I didn’t work on television as a broadcaster, I’d be covered in them. Tats are just sexy AF. Who agrees?”

Braxton would also confirm that it is not against the rules to have tattoos on show in the company: “It is not against the rules at all. Look at Graves and Rome. They look badass. But in case I decide someday to go back to local news or something less mainstream, I don’t want to limit my options.”

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