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MASSIVE NJPW star COULD be heading to WWE in early 2024

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Currently, the wrestling community is abuzz with speculation about Kazuchika Okada, a prominent figure in New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), possibly making a significant career shift to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in early 2024.

Kazuchika Okada, renowned for his exceptional in-ring skills and charismatic presence, has been a cornerstone of NJPW for many years.

His contract with NJPW is reportedly nearing its end, which has led to widespread speculation about his future. Okada’s potential move to WWE could be a game-changer for both him and the wrestling industry.

WWE Has Interest in NJPW Legend Okada

WWE has a history of making surprise signings, and Okada has been on their radar for quite some time according to Dave Meltzer in a new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

The company’s interest in him is not new, but the timing of his contract expiration with NJPW makes the current situation particularly intriguing.

WWE’s recent spotlight on Shinsuke Nakamura, another NJPW alumnus, has further fueled these speculations.

It’s worth noting however that whilst the company is interested in Okada, Meltzer does not believe that the New Japan star will be leaving the company as he stated on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio.

The Impact on NJPW and WWE

Okada’s departure from NJPW, if it happens, would be a significant loss for the promotion.

He is a valuable asset, and his potential move could lead to a reshuffling of NJPW’s top-tier talent. Conversely, his arrival in WWE could open up a plethora of new matchups and storylines, potentially invigorating the WWE roster with fresh energy.

The Future Awaits

As of now, nothing is set in stone. The decision lies with Okada, and the coming months will be crucial in determining the direction of his illustrious career.

Whether he chooses to stay with NJPW or venture into the realm of WWE, his impact on the wrestling world remains undeniable.


  • Who is Kazuchika Okada?
    • Kazuchika Okada is a renowned professional wrestler currently associated with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).
  • Is Kazuchika Okada joining WWE?
    • As of now, there is only speculation about Okada potentially joining WWE in early 2024. No official confirmation has been made.
  • Why is Okada’s move to WWE significant?
    • Okada is a major star in NJPW, and his move to WWE could significantly impact both promotions and lead to exciting new matchups.
  • When is Okada’s contract with New Japan ending?
    • Reports suggest that Okada’s contract with NJPW is nearing its end, but the exact date has not been disclosed.
  • Has WWE shown interest in Okada before?
    • Yes, WWE has reportedly had an interest in Okada for some time, and his impending free agency has reignited these speculations.
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