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MASSIVE NJPW star could be heading to WWE NXT

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In a significant development in the world of professional wrestling, Kazuchika Okada, a renowned star from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), is reportedly on the verge of joining WWE NXT.

This move could mark a major shift in Okada’s illustrious career, which has seen him achieve considerable success in NJPW over the past several years.

WWE News: Okada’s NJPW Legacy

Kazuchika Okada, often hailed as one of the best professional wrestlers in the world, is set to leave NJPW in February 2024.

His departure comes after a storied tenure with the promotion, where he has been a pivotal figure, captivating audiences with his skill and charisma.

WWE’s Interest in Okada

WWE has reportedly been interested in Okada for several years, with Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio noting that the company believes they now have a better chance of signing him than in previous attempts.

This interest is not surprising, given Okada’s stature and the potential he brings to any wrestling platform.

WWE News: The NXT Prospect

While it’s unconfirmed by Okada himself, sources close to NJPW’s top talent suggest that he may be WWE-bound, potentially starting in NXT.

This move would be a significant coup for WWE, as Okada’s presence in NXT could elevate the brand’s profile and offer exciting new matchups.

WrestleMania 40 and Beyond

There’s also speculation about Okada’s involvement in WWE’s future events, including WrestleMania 40. His potential debut in WWE this year remains a topic of considerable interest and excitement among wrestling fans.


  • Who is Kazuchika Okada?
    • Kazuchika Okada is a highly acclaimed professional wrestler from NJPW, known for his exceptional in-ring abilities.
  • Why is Okada’s move to WWE NXT significant?
    • Okada’s move is significant due to his status as a top wrestler in NJPW and the potential impact he could have on WWE’s NXT brand.
  • Has WWE shown interest in Okada before?
    • Yes, WWE has reportedly been interested in signing Okada for several years.
  • What could Okada’s arrival mean for NXT?
    • Okada’s arrival could boost NXT’s profile and lead to exciting new matchups and storylines.
  • Is Okada confirmed to join WWE NXT?
    • As of now, there’s no official confirmation from Okada, but sources suggest it’s a strong possibility.
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