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WWE RAW: MAJOR Superstar injured on this week’s show (24/07/23)

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In a shocking turn of events during this week’s WWE RAW, Kevin Owens, a renowned superstar, has been reported to sustain a legitimate injury.

The incident occurred during a match where Owens was supporting Sami Zayn against Dominik Mysterio. The unexpected twist came when Rhea Ripley and Damian Priest intervened, leading to Owens’ injury and Dominik’s victory in retaining his WWE NXT North American Championship.

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WWE RAW: The Incident Unfolds

The match was progressing as expected, with Owens in Zayn’s corner. However, the tide turned when Ripley and Priest targeted Owens, leading to his exit from the scene.

This intervention provided Dominik with the opportunity to seize the win and hold on to his championship title.

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Backstage Reports Confirm Injury

Post-match, Owens was spotted backstage receiving medical attention, confirming the authenticity of his injury. It’s important to note that this isn’t a part of a storyline but a real-life event.

As of now, the severity of Owens’ injury and the duration of his potential absence from the ring remain undisclosed.

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The Impact on WWE RAW

The injury to a key player like Kevin Owens could have significant implications for the WWE RAW landscape.

Owens’ absence might lead to a reshuffling of storylines and could potentially open up opportunities for other wrestlers to step into the limbo.

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