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Kofi Kingston is HAPPY to see former AEW Champion back in WWE

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In a recent turn of events that has stirred the WWE universe, Kofi Kingston, a renowned WWE superstar, has openly expressed his delight at the return of CM Punk to WWE.

Punk, a former AEW Champion, made a dramatic comeback to WWE at last November’s Survivor Series: WarGames premium live event, marking his first appearance in nearly a decade.

WWE News: The Joyful Reunion

Kofi Kingston, in an interview on Busted Open Radio, shared his genuine excitement about Punk’s return. He described the unique passage of time experienced by those on the roster, where events feel both recent and distant. Kingston’s reaction every time he sees Punk is telling: a spontaneous and joyful “Hey! Hey!”

This enthusiasm stems from the sheer surprise and happiness of seeing Punk back in WWE, especially considering the past animosity between Punk and the company.

WWE News: A Bond Beyond the Ring

Kingston and Punk share a history that goes beyond their professional careers. They were not only tag team partners but also captured the World Tag Team Championship in 2008, defeating Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. This victory was a significant milestone in their careers, cementing their status as formidable wrestlers in the tag team category.

Beyond their professional achievements, Kingston referred to Punk as a “brother,” highlighting the deep personal bond they share.

Their relationship was so close that they were each other’s “road wives” during their time together in WWE, a term used in wrestling circles to describe wrestlers who travel and work closely together.

The Impact of Punk’s Return

Punk’s return to WWE is not just a personal joy for Kingston but also a significant event for the wrestling community. His comeback represents a reconciliation of sorts, bridging a gap that many thought was permanent.

Punk’s departure from WWE in 2014 was marked by controversy and a seemingly irreparable rift. His return signals a new chapter, not only for him but for WWE as a whole.


  • Who is Kofi Kingston? Kofi Kingston is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE.
  • When did CM Punk return to WWE? CM Punk returned to WWE at the Survivor Series: WarGames event in November.
  • What is the significance of Punk’s return? Punk’s return is significant due to his past animosity with WWE, making his comeback a notable event in wrestling history.
  • Have Kingston and Punk been tag team partners before? Yes, they were tag team partners and won the World Tag Team Championship in 2008.
  • What did Kingston say about Punk’s return? Kingston expressed his happiness and surprise, referring to Punk as a “brother” and highlighting their close bond.
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