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Kurt Angle says that WWE performers don’t “connect with the fans” in 2021

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently spoke to Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp. The Olympic gold medallist discussed several topics during the interview, including who he feels is the best writer in the history of WWE.

“Brian Gewirtz,” Kurt Angle revealed. “He was my writer at WWE. I think he was the best writer in the history of the business.”

“Actually, Dwayne ’˜The Rock’ Johnson hired him to be a writer for his production company, and that was a brilliant move”, Angle continued.

“Brian was incredibly talented. He was a nerd too, so he liked to do nerdy stuff and he liked me to do nerdy stuff,” Kurt Angle revealed, praising the former WWE/WWF writer.

Kurt Angle on Brian Gewirtz

“This comedy stuff, goofball nerd Angle who drinks his milk and doesn’t swear was right up his alley and I think that’s why we had great chemistry”, Angle noted.

The Olympian would also say that character development in 2021 is not as strong as it once was in pro wrestling, specifically WWE.

“It’s not the same. I think the character development was a lot stronger back in the early 2000s, 1990s, 1980s,” Kurt Angle stated. “We were able to connect with the fans a lot better. Now they don’t really connect with fans.”

“There are some characters, but for the most part, today is about performance. It’s about what you can do in the ring. How good you are. It’s about high-flying stunts and acrobatic stuff. These guys are incredible athletes today” the former WWE Champion would conclude.

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