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Kurt Angle shuts down outrageous rumor

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle recently shut down an outrageous that was doing the rounds online in the past couple of weeks.

Speaking on his Kurt Angle Show podcast, the Olympic gold medallist put to bed a rumor that he was trying to take control of TNA creative.

“No, I could tell you this, there are rumors sometimes and there’s the truth. That’s a complete rumor” the former WWE Champion began.

Kurt Angle on rumors

“I didn’t even know about that. Vince and I had no intention of taking anything from anybody. Maybe Vince did; I don’t know. I don’t know if Vince did this. I don’t think he did. He probably said ’˜hey, Kurt and I want to take over Dixie, and we want to take Jeff out. Vince Russo got along with Jeff (Jarrett), too. So, I don’t see how that came to be” the former TNA Champion added.

Considering how bad some of the booking decisions were in TNA history, it might’ve made sense for Kurt to take over.

Also, considering how bad some of the decisions that Vince Russo has made during his time (and some big wins to be fair), maybe it was for the best that they didn’t both head up TNA creative.

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