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LA Knight: WWE Hall of Famer begs company to ‘strap the rocket’ on star

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LA Knight, a charismatic figure in WWE, has been catching the attention of fans and industry veterans alike in recent weeks.

His dynamic performances have been generating some of the loudest reactions, as he continues to gain momentum in the ring and the hearts of the WWE Universe.

A sizable portion of the audience is eagerly backing Knight, hoping for him to clinch victory in the Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match’‹.

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Booker T’s Endorsement

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T, a significant figure in the wrestling world, has voiced his support for LA Knight.

Speaking on The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore, he expressed his belief that WWE should “put the rocket” on Knight.

His comments underline his conviction that Knight is an exceptional talent who has carved out a unique niche for himself.

“Put the rocket on him, man. I mean, quit messing around. Put the title on him [laughs]. That’s my thing, man. When you got a guy like him, he’s rare, he’s very rare. He’s organic, he’s figured it out on his own. When you got guys like that, you got to put ’˜em in the game,” Booker T said’‹.

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The Organic Growth of LA Knight

Booker T further highlighted the organic rise of LA Knight in the industry. Unlike many, Knight wasn’t anointed as the chosen one or had a clear path laid out for him. Instead, he created something out of nothing, relying on his innate talent and tenacity.

The WWE Hall of Famer stated, “I watched that dude sit and get a little bit of nothing, and go out there and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it, and some Cholula in it. It feels good. You want to get behind him.”

He emphasized the importance of winning by attrition in wrestling, where talent must often wait until others drop off. When you have something special, “they” are going to know it, Booker T said’‹.

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Recent Achievements and Ambitions

LA Knight’s recent achievements include pinning Rey Mysterio on the June 23rd episode of WWE SmackDown, a testament to his growing prowess in the ring’‹.

His ambitions, however, reach beyond just recent victories. In a recent interview, Knight stated that he has a lot to prove, an attitude that speaks volumes about his dedication and commitment to his craft’‹.

Knight has also been open about his journey up to this point. Reflecting on his path, he recognized the challenges he faced and the milestones he achieved.

But with the support of industry heavyweights like Booker T, there’s no doubt that Knight’s star will continue to rise’‹.

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