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LA Knight: WWE Hall of Famer is “not going to apologise” for criticism against the WWE Superstar

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WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash has recently sparked controversy with his comments about the popular WWE star LA Knight.

Nash’s remarks, which were made on his Kliq This podcast, have been met with mixed reactions from fans and critics alike.

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Nash’s Critique of LA Knight’s Character

Nash’s critique of LA Knight’s character stemmed from his belief that Knight’s persona was a ‘ripoff of the Rock.’ This opinion was formed after Knight’s recent promo against Logan Paul on Raw, which was aired ahead of the Money In The Bank event.

Nash questioned why Knight, who has been in the wrestling business for about a decade, did not ‘get over anywhere else.’

“There are so many people who agree that LA is doing The Rock/Austin. I mean, the guy’s been in the business for like 10 years, why didn’t he get over anywhere else? If you’re not over in three years, it’s probably just not gonna happen,” Nash stated on his podcast.

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Nash’s Initial Reaction to Knight’s Character

Nash went on to share his initial reaction upon seeing Knight’s character. He admitted that he thought Knight’s character was ‘a rib,’ a term used in the wrestling industry to refer to a practical joke or prank.

However, Nash’s amusement quickly turned into frustration when he realised that this was not the case.

“I was like, ‘Okay, this is a rib, right?’ And then, it’s not, it’s just what the character is. So, I get hot, and I’m like, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me, right?'” Nash recounted.

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Nash’s Clarification on His Comments about LA Knight

Despite the backlash he received, Nash clarified that his comments were not meant to undermine Knight’s wrestling abilities.

He emphasised that he did not say Knight couldn’t work, as he had never seen him in the ring. His critique was solely based on the originality of Knight’s character.

“But they [fans on social media] said I buried the guy. I didn’t say he couldn’t work, I’ve never seen him in the ring. I just said it [the character] wasn’t very original,” Nash explained.

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Nash’s Unapologetic Stance

Despite the controversy, Nash remains unapologetic about his comments. He maintains that Knight’s character is a blatant rip-off, but he didn’t mean any harm by his remarks.

“I’m not gonna apologize. I think it’s a blatant rip-off, but I didn’t mean any harm,” Nash affirmed.

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