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LA Knight makes a MASSIVE claim about his WWE career

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LA Knight, the charismatic WWE Superstar, has recently made waves with his candid views on his current trajectory within the company.

His journey, which began with a memorable debut at NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day on February 14th, 2021, has seen him become one of the most celebrated figures in the wrestling world.

However, Knight believes there’s more to be done on WWE’s part to truly harness his potential.

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LA Knight and the Rapid Rise

From the moment he stepped into the WWE arena, Knight’s presence was palpable. His ability to organically connect with fans, primarily due to his exceptional microphone skills, set him apart. Every week, the reactions he garners are a testament to his growing popularity.

Yet, there’s a growing sentiment among fans that WWE hasn’t fully capitalised on this momentum. The evident lack of concrete plans for Knight has left many ardent followers feeling somewhat frustrated.

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Inside The Ropes: A Candid Conversation

In a recent interaction with Inside The Ropes, Knight shed light on his perspective. He acknowledged the complexities of the WWE machinery, highlighting the challenges of altering long-term plans.

With numerous talents across platforms like SmackDown, Raw, and NXT, coordinating plans can be a herculean task.

Knight remarked, “It’s such a colossal machine with countless moving parts. If you just consider SmackDown, there are at least 40 to 50 talents, and that’s a conservative estimate. Then there’s Raw and NXT. Everything needs synchronisation. I understand the need for advanced planning.

“But when situations change, there’s a dilemma: do you overhaul everything? Is this shift permanent? I understand the hesitancy. However, there comes a time, perhaps now, when one must recognise the need for a change in plans.”

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The Road Ahead for LA Knight

The wrestling community is abuzz with speculation about Knight’s future. Many believe he’s on the brink of achieving unparalleled greatness within WWE.

There’s a strong sentiment that he not only deserves a significant push but also a title run. Only time will tell how WWE will strategise around this rising star in the coming weeks.

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Fans’ Expectations

The ball is now in WWE’s court. With Knight’s candid revelations, fans are eagerly awaiting the company’s next move.

Many are optimistic, hoping that this is the dawn of a new era for LA Knight, one where he truly gets the recognition and opportunities he deserves.

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