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LA Knight SHUTS DOWN comparisons to MASSIVE AEW star

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In recent times, the wrestling world has been abuzz with comparisons between WWE’s rising star, LA Knight, and AEW’s Bryan Danielson, particularly in relation to the latter’s iconic ‘Yes’ movement. However, LA Knight has firmly put an end to these comparisons, expressing his unique stance on the matter.

LA Knight’s journey in WWE over the past few months is nothing short of remarkable. His rapid ascent to stardom has made him one of the most celebrated Superstars in the company.

This rise hasn’t gone unnoticed, with many fans drawing parallels between his trajectory and Bryan Danielson’s famed ‘Yes’ movement.

A significant factor behind LA Knight’s popularity is his undeniable prowess on the microphone. His oratory skills, combined with his innate ability to resonate with the WWE Universe, have cemented his place as a top-tier talent. It’s no surprise that he consistently receives one of the loudest pops of the night during WWE events.

LA Knight: The ‘YEAH’ Movement vs. The ‘Yes’ Movement

During an interview on SHAK Wrestling, LA Knight addressed the comparisons head-on. When asked about a potential match against Bryan Danielson, Knight touched upon how fans have labelled his rise as the ‘YEAH’ movement. This, of course, bears a striking resemblance to Danielson’s ‘Yes’ movement.

However, Knight was quick to distance himself from such comparisons. In his words, he’d much prefer to term his journey as a “revolution”, feeling it more aptly captures the essence of his rise.

Knight passionately stated, “You never know. But, you know, that’s why people online started calling it the YEAH Movement. And I’m like, why are we doing that? It’s so close to Yes [Movement], don’t do that.

“I’d rather call it a revolution because that’s what I feel more like it is. But you know, whatever. At this point, they’ve already done it.”

What Lies Ahead for LA Knight?

With such a stellar track record, the future looks promising for the SmackDown Superstar. There are whispers within the wrestling community that WWE plans to give him a significant push post-Fastlane.

As the year progresses, it will be intriguing to see how the company positions him in the larger scheme of things.


  • Who is LA Knight?
    • He is a WWE Superstar who has gained immense popularity in recent months due to his exceptional skills and connection with the WWE Universe.
  • What is the ‘YEAH’ movement?
    • The ‘YEAH’ movement is a term coined by fans to describe LA Knight’s rapid rise in WWE, drawing parallels with Bryan Danielson’s ‘Yes’ movement.
  • How does LA Knight feel about the comparisons with Bryan Danielson’s ‘Yes’ movement?
    • LA Knight has dismissed such comparisons, preferring to describe his journey as a “revolution” rather than a movement.
  • Is LA Knight expected to receive a significant push in WWE?
    • Yes, there are indications that WWE might give LA Knight a significant push after the Fastlane event.
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