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LA Knight makes surprising admission about complaints from certain WWE fans

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LA Knight, a WWE Superstar, is renowned for his exceptional microphone skills. However, his in-ring prowess often goes unnoticed.

This oversight, surprisingly, does not seem to bother the wrestling star. In a recent episode of Mark Andrews’ podcast, My Love Letter To Wrestling, LA Knight was asked if he felt his in-ring skills were underrated. His response was both humble and insightful.

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The Art of Wrestling: More Than Just Physical Prowess

LA Knight acknowledged the common perception of him being “great on the mic and okay in the ring.” However, he expressed contentment with this assessment.

He explained that his favourite wrestlers growing up, such as Hogan, Austin, Rock, and Flair, were not necessarily spectacular in the ring. Instead, they excelled in psychology, making things look good and snappy. LA Knight appreciates this aspect of wrestling and strives to emulate it in his performances.

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The Balance of Skills in Wrestling

LA Knight’s approach to wrestling is a balanced one. He believes in spicing up his performances with occasional high-risk moves, like the superplex he hit on Butch.

However, he doesn’t focus solely on these physical feats. He understands the importance of a well-rounded performance that includes not just physical prowess but also microphone skills and ring psychology.

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The Humility of LA Knight

Despite his talents, LA Knight does not boast about his abilities. He finds it strange when wrestlers brag about their skills, whether on the mic or in the ring.

This humility sets him apart in an industry often characterized by larger-than-life personas and grandstanding.

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