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WWE Superstar admits The Miz feud was among the WORST work he has done

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In a candid revelation, WWE Superstar LA Knight has expressed his dissatisfaction with his past feud with The Miz, describing it as some of the worst work he has ever done.

This admission came during an interview with Chris Van Vliet of Insight, where Knight reflected on his career trajectory and his experiences in the ring.

LA Knight vs The Miz: The Build-Up to the Feud

LA Knight, known for his charismatic connection with the audience, entered into a significant singles program with The Miz in the second half of 2023.

This feud was a pivotal moment in Knight’s career, following a less impactful rivalry with the late Bray Wyatt. The feud featured intense verbal exchanges, including a memorable impersonation of Knight by The Miz on the August 28 episode of Monday Night RAW.

The Climax and Aftermath

The feud culminated with LA Knight defeating The Miz at WWE Payback last year. Despite the storyline’s conclusion, Knight felt that his performance during this period was subpar.

He acknowledged that while The Miz was at his best, bringing passion and intensity to their rivalry, he personally felt it was some of his least impressive work.

The Miz vs LA Knight Aftermath: Reflections and Moving Forward

Knight’s self-critique highlights the challenges and pressures of maintaining high-performance standards in professional wrestling.

Despite his feelings about the feud, Knight recognized that it played a role in elevating both wrestlers in different ways. He noted that it reignited a passion in The Miz, while also serving as a learning experience for himself.

Currently, LA Knight is gearing up for a significant title match at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event on January 27th. His journey since the feud with The Miz demonstrates his resilience and commitment to improving his craft.

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  • What was LA Knight’s opinion on his feud with The Miz? LA Knight considered his feud with the former WWE Champion as some of the worst work he had done.
  • When did LA Knight and The Miz’s feud reach its peak? The feud reached its climax at WWE Payback last year, where Knight emerged victorious.
  • How did LA Knight describe The Miz’s performance in their feud? Knight acknowledged that the former Champion was at his best during their rivalry, bringing passion and intensity.
  • What is next for LA Knight? LA Knight is preparing for a major title match at the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event on January 27th.
  • Did the feud with The Miz impact LA Knight’s career? Yes, despite his personal views on the feud, Knight recognized it as a learning experience that helped elevate both wrestlers in different ways.
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