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LA Knight: AEW star praises the WWE Superstar following negative comparisons to The Rock

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WWE’s LA Knight has been at the centre of many discussions recently, thanks to his surge in popularity in the company.

The wrestler has been making waves in the industry, but not without some controversy. WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash recently branded him as a ‘ripoff Rock’, sparking a debate about originality and inspiration in the wrestling world.

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Jeff Jarrett’s Take on LA Knight

Jeff Jarrett, an AEW star, shared his thoughts on LA Knight on his podcast My World with Jeff Jarrett. When asked about Nash’s comments, Jarrett acknowledged that many wrestlers draw inspiration from those who came before them.

He emphasised that the key to success in wrestling, as in many fields, is the ability to adapt and evolve.

Jarrett said, “There are so many different things, they start as something and completely pivot, and that’s kind of the recipe to success is adapting as you go.”

He also pointed out that LA Knight is not a newcomer to the wrestling scene. He has been around for a while, and his journey has been marked by trial and error, and sometimes, timing.

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LA Knight and the Art of Drawing Inspiration

Jarrett further elaborated on the concept of inspiration in wrestling. He said, “The folks that can take a little inspiration here and a little inspiration there and mash it up and make it authentic to themselves, then they’re not just uber successful, but innovators, if you will.”

He also spoke about Nash’s comments, noting that it’s something he could imagine him saying while on the road. He added that he could see Nash making such comments, especially if he had a couple of drinks in him. However, he also praised Knight’s perseverance and resilience in the face of criticism.

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LA Knight’s Perseverance

Jarrett commended LA Knight for his persistence, passion, and perseverance.

He said, “Kevin, I read that, and it took me back to being in the car. I could see Kevin Nash saying that riding down the road, and I guarantee you, if he had a couple of tall ones in him, he would shift doing impersonations, and then we would really laugh our ass off. But hat’s off to LA. They’ve given him the platform, and when you give a guy who has, look, he’s been four, five characters on national TV, whatever it may be, but a seasoned guy versus a guy who’s got three, four, five years in the business, that’s where you can immediately tell the difference.”

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