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LA Knight reacts to comparisons to The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin and criticism

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Recently, WWE Superstar LA Knight has found himself compared to two of the industry’s biggest icons, The Rock and Steve Austin.

These comparisons, largely due to his microphone skills, have sparked a range of reactions from fans and critics alike.

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LA Knight Comparisons: The Rock and Steve Austin

LA Knight has often been likened to The Rock and Steve Austin, particularly when it comes to his work on the microphone.

This comparison has not been without its critics, with some, including Kevin Nash, suggesting that Knight is merely a “rip-off of The Rock.”

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LA Knight’s Response to the Comparisons

In an interview with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, ahead of the Money in the Bank 2023 pay-per-view event, LA Knight addressed these comparisons.

He acknowledged that people are always going to make comparisons, stating, “It’s the easiest thing for people to do. If you have something that’s familiar to you and here’s this new entity, ‘All right well what can I compare it to so that I can make it feel familiar to me?’ That’s fine. Whatever you need to do, go ahead and do it. I am me. I’m the one. I’m the only. I’m LA Knight.”

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Emulating The Rock and Steve Austin

Knight admitted that as a teenager, he aspired to be like The Rock and Steve Austin. He said, “Those were the guys that I wanted to be when I was like 16, 17 years old ’¦ My normal speech pattern, every day when I’m talking to you, is probably somehow derived from them. Whether that’s purposeful or not, and it’s definitely not, so it’s just the fact that I sat there and watched every single episode of Monday Night Raw. I had all the little VHS cassette tapes.”

He further explained that his formative years were heavily influenced by watching these wrestling icons, which may have subconsciously shaped his style. Despite this, he maintains that he is his own unique entity in the wrestling world.

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Accepting the Comparisons

Despite the criticisms, LA Knight seems to have embraced the comparisons, even drawing parallels between himself and basketball legends. He said, “Whether you want to make the comparisons, hey I’ll tell you what, let’s make this comparison, you want to say that I’m the Kobe to their Jordan? I’ll take it.”

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