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MASSIVELY POPULAR WWE Superstar ALMOST RETIRED during the pandemic

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The world of wrestling was left stunned when LA Knight, a prominent WWE superstar, disclosed that he had contemplated retirement amidst the chaos of the pandemic.

This revelation has left fans and fellow wrestlers reflecting on the unpredictable nature of the industry and the personal challenges faced by its stars.

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LA Knight’s Journey Before WWE

At the onset of the pandemic, LA Knight was not even a part of the WWE roster. It was only in early 2021 that he made his much-anticipated debut in WWE NXT.

However, the journey leading up to this point was fraught with uncertainty and introspection.

Previously competing for the NWA under the moniker Eli Drake, Knight was 38 years old when the pandemic hit. Like countless others, he grappled with the uncertainty of the future, especially as the world came to a standstill.

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Contemplating the Next Steps

In a candid conversation with Interstate 70 Sports Media, Knight delved into his mindset during those tumultuous times.

He recalled thinking that his wrestling career might be over, pondering over the next steps in his life. The global upheaval made him question whether WWE would even consider signing someone of his age:

“I’m 38 and the pandemic’s happening, I’m thinking ‘alright, it’s over. Now I have to figure out what’s the next step. What’s the next thing that I do?’ Because at this point, the world is falling apart. “They’re (WWE) not gonna bring me in, especially with my age.”

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A Final Attempt at WWE

However, instead of succumbing to despair, LA Knight decided to give his dream one last shot.

He shared, “I kind of just took that mindset and said, ‘Well if that’s the thought then screw it, let’s just make one more overture and see what the temperature is.”

This determination led him to seize a small window of opportunity, pushing forward with all his might. Reflecting on this decision, Knight expressed his astonishment at even considering this move, but he remains grateful for the turn of events.

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Overcoming Early Challenges

Knight’s perseverance did face some hurdles, especially during his initial days on the main roster. He was introduced as Max Dupri, a member of the Maximum Male Models faction.

However, his tenacity shone through, and he soon reclaimed his beloved NXT character, LA Knight.

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