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WWE News: Lacey Evans reveals WHY she asked for her release from the company

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In a surprising turn of events, Lacey Evans, a former figure in the WWE universe, has shed light on her decision to part ways with the company. The revelation came during her recent appearance on the Power Alphas podcast.

Evans expressed her growing discontentment with the WWE, particularly with the lack of creative plans for her. She felt sidelined, often finding herself relegated to the catering area without any significant role or storyline.

This feeling of stagnation and underutilisation was a significant factor in her decision to request her release.

Lacey Evans/Macey Estrella: Bold Statement

During the podcast, Evans was candid about her feelings, stating, “I asked for my release, I asked if I could like…verbatim, ‘Can I slip out the side door?’ Where I come from and what I’ve been through and what I’ve had to do, nobody’s gonna talk to me any certain way, I’m not going to sit my arse in catering eating steak anymore.”

This statement not only highlights her dissatisfaction with the company but also underscores her strong-willed nature and determination to stand up for herself.

A Glimpse into Lacey Evans and her WWE Journey

Lacey Evans began her journey with WWE in 2016. Over the years, she has showcased her talent and charisma, earning a spot in the hearts of many fans.

However, by August 2023, it was evident that her association with WWE had come to an end.

What’s Next for Lacey?

Post her WWE departure, Evans has ventured into new avenues. She has started offering exclusive content online, indicating a shift in her professional trajectory.

While the specifics of her future plans remain under wraps, it’s clear that Evans is charting a new course for herself.


  • Why did Lacey Evans leave WWE?
    • Lacey felt underutilised and was unhappy with the lack of creative plans for her in WWE.
  • When did Lacey Evans start with WWE?
    • Lacey began her WWE journey in 2016.
  • What is Lacey Evans doing now?
    • Post her WWE exit, Lacey has started selling exclusive content online.
  • Did Lacey have any backstage issues in WWE?
    • There have been reports suggesting that Evans had nearly gotten into backstage altercations during her time in WWE.
  • Where did Lacey Evans share her reasons for leaving WWE?
    • Lacey shared her reasons on the “Power Alphas” podcast.
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