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Here’s WHY a WWE Superstar recently LEFT the company

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The wrestling world was recently taken by surprise when Lacey Evans, a prominent WWE Superstar, made her exit from the company.

After a seven-year stint with WWE, her departure raised many eyebrows and led to a flurry of speculations. Let’s dive deep into the reasons behind her decision.

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Lacey Evans: Unexpected Departure from WWE

Lacey Evans’ exit from WWE was not something that many saw coming.

While she had been dropping hints about her departure on social media, it was only when she was officially removed from the current roster page on that fans realized she was indeed leaving.

This move was unexpected, especially since there were no prior reports or indications suggesting she was on her way out.

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The Nature of Her Departure

The wrestling community was abuzz with questions regarding the nature of Evans’ exit.

Was it a decision she took on her own? Was she released by WWE? Or was it a mere contract expiration?

It has now been clarified by sources like PWInsider and Wrestling Observer Radio that Lacey Evans’ contract with WWE had simply expired. This means she did not request a release nor was she let go by the company.

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What This Means for Lacey Evans

With the expiration of her contract, Lacey Evans is not bound by a non-compete clause.

This makes her a free agent, allowing her to work anywhere she pleases, effective immediately. This opens up a world of opportunities for her in the wrestling industry, and fans are eager to see where she heads next.

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Hints About Her Future

While Lacey hasn’t given away much about her wrestling future, she has dropped some intriguing hints. She has mentioned opening a diner soon and even teased the possibility of starting an OnlyFans account.

Furthermore, she has adopted a new moniker on social media, going by her real name, Macey Estrella, or ‘Limitless Macey’.

This rebranding suggests that she might be looking to explore avenues outside of wrestling or perhaps reinvent her wrestling persona.

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