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WWE Superstar appears to CONFIRM their departure from the company

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In a recent turn of events, WWE Superstar Lacey Evans has given fans significant reasons to believe she’s on the verge of exiting the company.

The wrestling community has been buzzing with speculations, and the latest actions by Evans have only added fuel to the fire.

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WWE: Social Media Revelations

Evans, whose real name is Macey Estrella-Kadlec, has made some telling changes to her social media profiles.

She has rebranded her handles to ‘Limitless Macey’ and hinted at a significant change by posting about a new chapter beginning “when the clock strikes 12”.

Furthermore, she has updated her bios on platforms like Twitter and Instagram to read: “FKA WWE Superstar Lacey Evans”, which translates to “Formerly Known As WWE Superstar Lacey Evans”.

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Official Confirmation Awaits

While all signs point towards her imminent departure, the WWE has not yet made an official statement.

It’s worth noting that WWE’s official website still lists Evans as part of the current roster. However, the roster updates on the site have historically not been the most timely, so this might not be the most reliable indicator.

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The Reason Behind the Departure

The reasons for her potential exit remain a mystery. It’s unclear whether Evans requested her release, if WWE decided to let her go, or if her contract simply expired.

Adding to the intrigue, Evans showed appreciation for a fan’s tweet that praised her skills and criticized WWE for not utilising her talents to the fullest.

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Fans Await Official Updates

The wrestling community is eagerly waiting for an official update on the situation. While the signs are evident, only time will tell if Lacey Evans is truly parting ways with WWE.

Until then, fans can only speculate and hope for clarity soon.

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