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Lana/CJ Perry talks Vince McMahon and WWE allegations

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Former WWE Superstar Lana/CJ Perry recently discussed the situation regarding Vince McMahon and what led him to leave the company.

Speaking on the Inside the Ropes podcast, the former WWE name talked about her own backstage meetings with the former CEO.

“I feel like it’s such a controversial issue right now. It’s really unfortunate everything, to be honest” the former WWE Superstar would begin.

Lana/CJ Perry on Vince McMahon

“I am a big believer that we should bring things into the light and even though I had an amazing relationship with Vince and he was very kind to me and taught me so many things that I am going to take with me for the rest of my life doesn’t mean that other people had very different experiences” she added.

“In general, not with people in WWE, but in general, being a victim of sexual harassment and being a victim of people trying to pull favours from you that I really don’t talk about and maybe one day will be more comfortable talking on a bigger level.

“I have compassion and empathy for those women and I think it needs to be handled properly, however it is” Lana/CJ Perry concluded.

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