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Lawsuit is reportedly ‘stopping’ WWE from ‘aggressively’ going after AEW talent

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The ongoing lawsuit between Major League Wrestling (MLW) and WWE has created a ripple effect in the wrestling industry.

The lawsuit, which accuses WWE of “egregious anticompetitive behaviour,” has reportedly made the company cautious in its approach to acquiring new talent, particularly from its competitor, All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

The lawsuit was initiated in February 2020 when MLW alleged that WWE was attempting to tamper with its contracted talents. This legal dispute has now seemingly influenced WWE’s strategy in pursuing AEW stars.

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The MLW Lawsuit’s Effect on AEW Stars

Dave Meltzer recently discussed how this lawsuit is affecting AEW stars who might be considering a move to WWE.

According to Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the company has been uncharacteristically passive in its attempts to acquire new talent due to the ongoing lawsuit.

In the past, WWE would have been more aggressive in offering lucrative contracts to potential signings. However, the current legal situation has made Vince McMahon and co wary of making such moves unless a wrestler’s contract has fully expired.

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The Potential Consequences of the Lawsuit

The lawsuit’s potential implications extend beyond just talent acquisition. If WWE were to make a misstep that could be construed as anti-competitive behaviour, it could negatively impact the lawsuit.

An antitrust lawsuit carries significant potential consequences, which could be detrimental to WWE.

Furthermore, the lawsuit’s impact is not just confined to the wrestling company only. Ari Emanuel, the head of Endeavor, WWE’s parent company, would likely react strongly to any actions that could exacerbate the lawsuit.

“It’s no longer the defiant Vince, it’s Ari Emanuel” Meltzer noted on his podcast. “He’ll flip out if they do something to make the lawsuit worse. And I don’t think they want Ari flipping out and going like, ‘You’ve gotta get rid of whoever makes that offer.’”

As such, WWE’s approach to talent acquisition must be cautious to avoid any potential legal complications.

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The Future of WWE and Talent Acquisition

The lawsuit has undoubtedly put WWE in a challenging position. However, it’s important to note that the situation is fluid and could change depending on the lawsuit’s outcome.

For now, WWE seems to be taking a cautious approach to talent acquisition, particularly when it comes to AEW stars.

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