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Former AEW star ADDED to WWE NXT Breakout Tournament

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In a surprising turn of events, the WWE NXT Breakout Tournament has seen a last-minute change in its lineup.

Lexis King, a former AEW star, has been added to the tournament, replacing Trey Bearhill who was unfortunately attacked and rendered unable to compete.

This development has added an unexpected twist to the tournament, which is already underway.

WWE NXT Breakout Tournament: Lexis King’s Sudden Entry

The incident occurred during the kickoff of the NXT Men’s Breakout tournament on WWE NXT. As the contestants were being announced, Lexis King made a dramatic entrance by attacking Trey Bearhill, the nearest competitor to the entrance.

This unforeseen attack led to Bearhill being unable to participate in the tournament, paving the way for King’s entry.

The WWE NXT Breakout Tournament

The NXT Breakout Tournament is a prestigious event in the WWE universe, showcasing the talents of the men’s division who are looking to make their mark.

The tournament is a platform for emerging stars to demonstrate their skills and potential to a global audience.

With the inclusion of Lexis King, the tournament’s dynamics have shifted, introducing a new level of excitement and unpredictability.

Who is Lexis King?

Lexis King is not a new name in the wrestling world. Having made a mark in AEW, King’s transition to WWE NXT signifies a significant step in his career.

His aggressive style and charismatic presence have already made an impact in the NXT arena, as evidenced by his bold move during the tournament’s kickoff.

The Impact of King’s Entry

Lexis King’s entry into the NXT Breakout Tournament is not just a replacement; it’s a statement. His aggressive approach and experience in AEW bring a unique flavour to the NXT arena.

This move has undoubtedly raised the stakes and excitement for the tournament, as fans eagerly await to see how King will fare against the other talents who don’t have even the small amount of name value he has.


  • Who is Lexis King?
    • Lexis King is a former AEW star who has recently joined WWE NXT.
  • Why was Lexis King added to the Breakout Tournament?
    • He replaced Trey Bearhill, who was attacked and rendered unable to compete.
  • What is the Breakout Tournament?
    • It’s a WWE event showcasing emerging talents from the men’s division.
  • When did Lexis King attack Trey Bearhill?
    • The attack occurred during the kickoff of the Men’s Breakout tournament.
  • Who else is competing in the tournament?
    • Notable competitors include Riley Osborne, Oba Femi, Tavion Heights, and Luca Crusifino.
  • What does Lexis King’s entry mean for the tournament?
    • His entry adds an unexpected twist and raises the level of competition in the tournament.
  • Where can I watch the NXT Breakout Tournament?
    • The tournament is featured on WWE NXT, which can be watched on the WWE Network and other platforms that broadcast WWE events.
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