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WWE NXT Superstar WARNS fans against BIZARRE collective name

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Lexis King, a prominent figure in WWE NXT, has recently made headlines for an unusual reason.

Known for his charismatic persona and in-ring prowess, King has issued a rather unexpected request to his fanbase, urging them to refrain from using a peculiar nickname they’ve adopted for themselves.

Lexis King’s Appeal to His WWE Fans

Lexis King, formerly known as Brian Pillman Jr. during his time in AEW, has always enjoyed a unique relationship with his fans.

He affectionately refers to them as his “Intellexuals,” a term that resonates with his character and the intellectual aspect he portrays.

However, a segment of his fanbase has taken to calling themselves “Registered Lex Offenders,” a moniker that King finds a bit too extreme.

During a recent stream on his Twitch channel, King addressed this issue directly. He acknowledged the creativity behind the name but expressed his concerns, stating, “Yeah, the ‘Registered Lex Offenders’ is a little – as much as I think it’s funny, I think that one has to die. Because we can’t say that on TV. It’s just a little too, you know, I appreciate the creativity, you guys.”

The Impact of Fanbase Names in Wrestling

The names that wrestling fans collectively adopt can significantly impact the perception of a wrestler and their brand. In an industry where image and fan interaction are crucial, the choice of a fanbase name can either enhance a wrestler’s appeal or lead to unintended consequences.

King’s proactive approach in addressing this issue highlights his awareness of the importance of maintaining a positive and appropriate image, both for himself and his fans.

Recent Highlights in Lexis King’s WWE NXT Career

Lexis King’s request to his fans comes on the heels of his recent match at the NXT Deadline 2023 pay-per-view event, where he faced off against Carmelo Hayes.

Despite the outcome of the match, King’s performance and his ongoing engagement with his fanbase continue to solidify his position as a notable figure in the NXT roster.

FAQs about Lexis King and His Fanbase

  • Who is Lexis King? Lexis King is a professional wrestler currently part of WWE NXT. He was formerly known as Brian Pillman Jr. in AEW.
  • What nickname has Lexis King given to his fans? Lexis King refers to his fans as “Intellexuals,” a play on his character’s intellectual persona.
  • What is the controversial name some fans have been using? A segment of his fanbase has been calling themselves “Registered Lex Offenders,” a name King has requested they stop using.
  • Why does Lexis King want fans to stop using this name? King believes the name “Registered Lex Offenders” is inappropriate and cannot be used on TV, hence his request for fans to refrain from using it.
  • How does Lexis King communicate with his fans? King often uses social media platforms, like Twitch, to interact directly with his fans.
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