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Former WWE Superstar talks booking FRUSTRATIONS whilst with the company

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the journey of a superstar is often fraught with challenges, both in and out of the ring.

Lince Dorado, a former WWE Superstar, recently opened up about his experiences and frustrations during his tenure with the company, particularly concerning the booking on 205 Live.

WWE News: The Beginnings on 205 Live

Lince Dorado’s involvement with “WWE 205 Live” began right from its inception in 2016, following his participation in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament.

Despite the show’s six-year run, Dorado felt that the WWE lacked a long-term vision for the cruiserweight wrestlers. “They had a plan to have a show and that was it,” Dorado expressed during his appearance on Developmentally Speaking.

This sentiment reflects a broader issue within the industry, where short-term planning often overshadows career development for many talented wrestlers.

WWE News: Self-Advocacy in Booking

Dorado’s journey in WWE wasn’t just about showcasing his in-ring skills; it was also a testament to his proactive approach in managing his career.

He was heavily featured on the show and even made it to the main roster alongside Gran Metalik and Kalisto. However, he attributes much of this progression to his own efforts in pitching ideas and making compromises.

“I just tried to be the best that I could do,” he said, highlighting the importance of self-advocacy in the wrestling business.

The Lucha House Party Pitch

One of Dorado’s significant contributions was his original pitch for the Lucha House Party. He envisioned the group with a darker theme, contrasting with the lighter approach that WWE eventually adopted.

This creative divergence is a common occurrence in wrestling, where the performer’s vision doesn’t always align with the company’s direction.

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  • What was Lince Dorado’s role in WWE?
    • Dorado was a cruiserweight wrestler, heavily featured on “WWE 205 Live” and part of the main roster.
  • What were Dorado’s frustrations in WWE?
    • He felt the company lacked long-term planning for cruiserweight wrestlers and had to self-advocate for his booking.
  • What did Dorado do after leaving WWE?
    • He has appeared in various other wrestling promotions like MLW, NJPW Strong, and TNA Wrestling.
  • What was Dorado’s original pitch for Lucha House Party?
    • He envisioned a darker theme for the group, which was ultimately not adopted by WWE.
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