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Liv Morgan: INTRIGUING update to ARREST situation

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The world of professional wrestling is often as dramatic outside the ring as it is within, and the recent arrest of WWE star Liv Morgan is no exception.

Morgan, a prominent figure in the wrestling community, found herself in a legal tangle following an arrest on December 14th.

However, new developments suggest that this situation might not be as straightforward as it initially appeared.

Liv Morgan: The Arrest Details

At around 6:30 PM on December 14th, Liv Morgan was arrested for possession of marijuana (not exceeding 20 grams), possession of drug equipment, and potentially for possession of synthetic cannabinoids.

The arrest occurred after a sheriff’s deputy noticed the yellow jeep she was driving veering over road lines in a County Road.

A Twist in the Tale for Liv Morgan

In a surprising turn of events, it has emerged that the vape pen, which was the basis of Morgan’s arrest, might not have been hers.

Reports from the likes of PWInsider are circulating that the vape pen, allegedly containing a synthetic substance, actually belonged to someone else in the car but had been left in Morgan’s jeep.

This revelation adds a layer of complexity to the case, raising questions about the circumstances leading to her arrest.

WWE’s Stance and Morgan’s Career

Despite this legal hiccup, WWE’s plans for Morgan don’t seem to have been derailed. The company had already charted out a return for her in 2024, and this incident doesn’t appear to have altered those plans.

Within WWE, there seems to be no significant backlash against Morgan. It’s noteworthy that while marijuana is included in WWE’s Wellness Policy, the organization hasn’t tested for it in years, and in the past, a positive test for THC could result in a fine rather than more severe consequences.

Legal Proceedings and Public Reaction

Liv Morgan is set to be officially arraigned in February in Sumter County, Florida. Her arrest quickly became a talking point online, turning her into a meme.

However, Morgan, who has been active on social media since her release, has not publicly addressed the arrest.

Her demeanour suggests that she is not overly perturbed by the situation.


  • What was Liv Morgan arrested for?
    • Liv Morgan was arrested for possession of marijuana, drug equipment, and potentially synthetic cannabinoids.
  • Did the vape pen that led to Morgan’s arrest belong to her?
    • There are reports suggesting that the vape pen belonged to someone else in the car and was left in Morgan’s jeep.
  • Will this arrest affect Liv Morgan’s career in WWE?
    • As of now, WWE’s plans for Morgan’s return in 2024 remain unchanged, and there doesn’t seem to be any significant backlash within WWE.
  • When is Liv Morgan’s arraignment scheduled?
    • Morgan’s official arraignment is scheduled for February in Sumter County, Florida.
  • Has WWE tested for marijuana in recent years?
    • WWE includes marijuana in its Wellness Policy but hasn’t tested for it in years. Previously, a positive test for THC could result in a $2,500 fine.
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