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Logan Paul: “F*ck you Miz, f*ck you so hard”

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Logan Paul put on an incredible performance at WrestleMania 38 Night 1 before he was attacked by tag team partner The Miz following his match.

Speaking to WWE Digital following the backstab from The Miz, Logan Paul would seem to indicate that his time in the company is far from over.

“I think it’s equivalent to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock. I’m still processing why Miz betrayed me. To be honest with you, if I had to guess, he’s probably jealous” Paul began.

“I was doing flips. I went off the top rope. I was doing cool sh*t. Quite simply, he’s obviously not capable of doing that” the YouTuber turned boxer added.

“He’s older, he’s a little thicker. I’m nimble, I’m young, I’m spry. He just doesn’t have it like me and I think he got jealous and decided to turn on me. I mean, it’s bad. F*ck you, Miz. F*ck you so hard. Yeah, that’s it, f*ck you.”

Logan Paul vs The Miz

It’s clear that we’re going to get Paul vs The Miz at some point, but it just remains to be seen when the company actually decides to pull the trigger on it.

What is a shame is that the company are trying to portray Miz as the heel when Paul appears to have the perfect temperament for the role.

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