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Logan Paul makes big WWE admission

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WWE Superstar Logan Paul recently made a big admission with regards to his current role in the company and his in-ring performances.

Speaking on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Paul revealed that it is getting harder and harder to outdo what he has done previously in the wrestling ring.

“You all have no idea the intricacies that go into these matches. It’s seriously the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” the YouTuber-turned-wrestler began.

Logan Paul on WWE WrestleMania 39 performance

“Because there are so many things to focus on, and the way the sound carries is one of the minor ones. I peeked through the curtain, and I’m looking up at five level, six level, seven level, eight level, whatever SoFi is, and it just keeps going, and there’s so many people, but these open stadiums carry sound vastly different” he added.

“As a performer, feeding off of the energy can really enhance my performance, but when we would do a move, sometimes that sound wouldn’t carry. Or if it did, it went like row by row, then all the way up to the top, and it takes a while to get to you, so things are a little delayed, and I don’t really feel like my full self. I’m doing as best I can because I don’t know if people are liking the performance.

“I thought beforehand, for sure, it was gonna be my best match, and then afterwards, I just didn’t feel like that. I felt like it was good. It was on par, it wasn’t a level down. But I notice it’s getting harder and harder every time to make these matches better.” Paul concluded.

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